How I Achieve My Minimal/Bare Face Makeup Look

IMG_4746_Facetune_08-04-2020-20-58-39Hi Beauties – Welcome to my first real blog post in a really long time! I wanted to start with something fresh – especially for the spring. My minimal/bare face makeup look. Watch the tutorial here. Being that we have been in the house more due to COVID-19, I have been spending more time doing my makeup and creating. Also, I hope you all are staying well and continue to stay safe – remember, stay indoors and limit your exposure to others as much as you can, please (social distancing).

Find Your Aesthetic: So you’ve probably been searching, practicing, and sometimes partially giving up on your minimal/bare face makeup look. I know, trust, I’ve been there. I think having a solid minimal makeup routine can be the base of other looks that may require more time, drama, etc. It does take practice, to learn your face, pick the right shades, and see what your makeup aesthetic is. My minimal makeup look is a skin focused one, whether dewy or matte. You’ll definitely see very minimum eyeshadow and a glossy lip. However, that is my minimal makeup look, and this can vary on style, interpretation, skin type, etc. The first step is figuring out what your makeup aesthetic is – what do you like? Are you a red lip wearer, maybe a nude matte lip, no eyeshadow? Practice and try them all and see what you gravitate towards. That’s how I knew my go-to minimal look would have a glossy lip – because I wouldn’t stop wearing a glossy lip lol.

Skin and Face: I love to start with the face (meaning not eyes lol) But let’s talk about skin care!! I can’t stress this one enough. I am a dry skin type of girl, so it is important that I find skin care products and makeup products that fit my skin type. Knowing your skin type is a key factor. I usually use hydrating/moisturizing products. My fav primers right now are Laura Mercier Pure Canvas Power Primer (essence and silicone free), Laura Mercier Hydrating Primer, and Cover Girl Prime Plus Perfecting and Soothing (makeup + skincare primer with vitamin B5 and hyaluronic acid). Having the right primer and prepping your skin properly will have your makeup looking great and your skin thanking you. For foundation, I love NARS natural radiance longer foundation (I’m shade Macao). This foundation is very buildable. For a full coverage look, I just add a bit more. It blends nicely and gives a skin-like feel. Lately, I have been concealing and highlighting with Cover Girl True Blend Undercover Concealer and setting with Laura Mercier Translucent Powder in Deep. The both combined give a flawless look and full coverage under the eyes. To contour, I use Black Radiance True Complexion Contour Palette in Medium using the middle shade. That contour color warms up the face and doesn’t give a harsh or muddy contour.

Eyes: Depending on my mood, my eyes can go bare with just a contour color for definition, or a little bit of shadow – 3 colors max. Finding an everyday palette that is versatile to switch to dramatic looks, night looks, and more, is something good to have in your makeup kit. I have been using Urban Decay’s Naked Honey Palette, which has really pretty shimmers and mattes of tans, golds, and browns. Depending on where I’m going, lashes may or may not be worn, but mostly, I am just wearing mascara. My two favorites right now are Cover Girl’s Exhibitionist Mascara and Laura Mercier Caviar Volume Panoramic Mascara. Boom, easy eye look. I don’t even bother to wear eyeliner.

Pop of color: I love adding a pop of color for the spring – whether if it is on the eye, lips, or cheeks. For this look, I decided to add the color on my cheeks. NYX’s ‘feel the heat’ blush is a pretty warm blush shade that is perfect for spring and summer. For some glow, I used Cover Girl’s Skin Lights highlighter in twilight gleam, which is an affordable option. I do also love BECCA’s highlights in chocolate geode, champagne pop, and topaz. They give an amazing glow and the application is a beautiful shimmer, and not just glitter on your face lol.

Lips: Glossy, Glossy is my go to look for my bare face makeup look. A brown lip liner is my go to, because I love the definition is gives my lips. Full 90’s throwback lol. I use NYX lip liners in medium or dark brown, MAC Chestnut lip liner, or other brown lip liners that I can find. The beauty supply store always has cheap liners from brands such as b.s.n that have awesome brown liners.

And that’s the end of my look and the products I use. You can watch the tutorial here. Thanks for reading! Leave a comment below and let me know if you like this type of content!

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