Rest for Success. But What is Resting Anyway? 5 Tips to Rest

Due to COVID-19, we’ve been in the house more, maybe working from home, social distancing, and we’ve pretty much created a new schedule that no one imagined. I’m sure you’ve heard it already: You have all this time, you should be doing something. Learn a new skill, create your business – the list goes on #riseandgrindtwitter will tell you, lol. Working (maybe several jobs), creating content, kids, new business ventures and ideas, helping everyone, etc? Are you that person that has been going and going and you just have no chill?! Sorry if I’m talking too loud, I’ve been there. She is me, lol.

I feel like our generation has a thing with wanting to accomplish everything and tons of FOMO (fear of missing out), that we sometimes get burnt out, discouraged, unmotivated, and unproductive. I think it’s beautiful that we want to accomplish everything and more, but is it harming us? Sometimes, we have no chill at all. When was the last time you rested with nothing on the calendar, plans cleared, and no new task to start? When was the last time you poured something good in your mind and spirit where you felt refreshed, rested, and overall good? Here, I am going to talk about some easy tips to try during these times.


IMG_0078I think you know where I’m going to go with this one. Unplug that device(s). When I mean unplug, I mean temporarily stop usage of those electronic devices. Laptop, phone, iPad/tablet, TV, all that. Try putting your phone on “Do not disturb.” Inform your friends and family who may contact you all the time that you’d like to take some rest time and you will not be answering your phone, but for emergency purposes only. Don’t even think about scrolling through your feeds, lol. Many times, social media can influence how we feel and can produce feelings that we’re “not doing enough, not where we should be,” among other things that can negatively influence your thoughts and feelings. Not only can you clear your mental, your helping your eyes rest from possible strain and exposure to blue light as well as adjusting your posture to a more healthy position. (we all know that neck, arms, and back hurts after scrolling on that feed for hours lol).



For the busy, go-getter, sleep seems like a myth. People think we don’t sleep and sometimes, we really don’t. Even when we go to sleep, there’s so much on the mind and we wake up still tired. Being at home more now, you may be able to get some extra z’s with your more relaxed schedule.

What I suggest: sleep when your body and mind has had enough. Are you yawning? Struggling to keep your eyes open? Too many ideas on your mind and you’re not getting much done at the moment? Take a nap or even get those hours in. Whether if it is in the day or night, sleep is okay (don’t overdo it now lol). Don’t just lay in the bed on your phone watching TikTok or scrolling through your feed. Put the phone up and close your eyes. Say some positive affirmations in your head. Sleep reenergizes the body and helps you recuperate after busy and stressful day.  Sleep helps your body’s cells recharge, helps with memory and learning. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed.


IMG_5316.JPGDo me a favor: Go to a quiet place; Breathe in, breath out (5 x in a relaxed and steady pace); express gratitude (I am thankful for; thank you universe for…). How did that feel? Now imagine doing that for 30 minutes and focusing on positive things. Your mind and body will feel extremely relaxed. Mindfulness is being in the present and grounding yourself. Meditating may not always be the easiest when your mind is racing with 1000’s of ideas and possibly tasks, past conversations, memories, negative thoughts, etc. Notice how we are just on auto-pilot. The point of mindfulness/meditating is to recognize your thoughts and intentionally control your thoughts. It reminds me of being in a movie where everything in your background is moving fast, but you’re sitting still, noticing everything around you. It may take a little while to adjust, but with practice, it becomes easier over time. Are you a guided meditation type of person where someone speaks and directs you, or do you like to meditate to music/sound? Maybe you like silence? Try them all and see what you like. YouTube is a great resource and I usually search “chakra cleansing, guided meditation, mediation for anxiety, meditation for focus, etc.” I tailor my meditation on how I am feeling. That is where self-awareness comes in. Personally, meditating gives me clarity, peace, and helps me focus especially when I want to start a new task or need inspiration. I feel good mentally, physically, and spiritually. Reset.


Your physical health is so important. Have you been in the house eating junk food, skipping your skin regimen/exercise? Here’s a few things to remember to do that will have you feeling good and well rested. Make a smoothie; that’s my go to healthy treat when I want to implement my rest regime. I google what I can create with whatever healthy ingredients I have in the home. Fruits, greens, nuts, yogurt, almond milk. Take a sip, breathe, and feel the goodness going in your body. Express gratitude.IMG_5409_Facetune_24-04-2020-20-42-58.JPG

Fell off on your workout routine? Trust me, we’ve all been there. Look up your favorite exercise guru, follow a routine. Take a walk in your back yard, or maybe a safe place where you’re allowed to at this time. I personally like yoga, because it stretches the body and I feel amazing after it. Want a more upbeat workout, or you want to sweat? That’s fine too, because after you’ll feel great. The body releases endorphins and serotonin after when you exercise and those chemicals reduce your stress and help you feel better, especially mentally.

The reason I mentioned skin care is not just for the face, but for the body, too. Since we may not be able to go to the spa, bring the spa to home. When was the last time you gave yourself a massage, a facial? Have you been neglecting your skin? Grab your favorite skin care products, look on YouTube of how to give yourself an at-home facial (I’ll be making a video on that soon). Put on some calming music, and massage those products in your skin. Don’t rush – take your time. I will lay on my bed or my massage table and give myself a facial. I treat myself as I am one of my clients (#esthetician here.).Massaging your face is good for lymphatic drainage, lifts a bit of stress off the face, exercises the face muscles, and makes you feel good. Not only your face, but massage your hands, arms, legs, and if you have someone in the home, ask for a back massage!


We all have something extra we do on the side, whether we monetize it or not. What do you like to do? Painting, knitting, makeup, singing, playing an instrument, to name a few. Do something that you love to do, but do it as a relaxation technique. For example, for me, I love to do makeup, but instead of filming the look, and figuring out what to post for Instagram/Youtube, I do it for relaxation. Dive into your hobby in a relaxing way, away from the business aspect of it. Find the joy you once had when you were starting your hobby. Get creative, get active, and focus on your strength.  This can take away the stress from mind and body. Let it be your outlet.

So let’s start this weekend on a restful path. I hope you enjoyed this read and may be able to use one, some, or all of these tips to get some rest.

Thanks for reading. Peace.

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