I tried Be Transcendent Skin For a Month & Here Are My Thoughts | Natural Skin Care

Natural Skin Care, Black-owned?! Sign me up! If you know me, I’m a skin care junkie. Yes, you guessed it, I love glowing skin.Soon as I hear natural, I’m even more curious to see what’s up. Back in June, I worked with Be Transcendent Skin on some content for Instagram, and I fell in love with their products. The aesthetic, the scent, the simplicity – everything. I started using Be Transcendent and immediately noticed that my skin was glowing AND glowing all day. I was shocked that my skin felt moisturized and looked so healthy with very little product. Watch my tutorial and review video here.

IMG_8910Background on Be Transcendent Skincare: Black-owned, 100% natural (plant-based), vegan, and cruelty-free skin care line. Be Transcendent skin care provides a custom skin care regimen, meaning, they cater to the skin type. It varies from normal/dry, combination, and oily. The ingredients included in each product will cater to your skin type and you will be glowing. A lovely add on to their website is a skin-care analysis quiz. You can discover your skin type if you are unsure of what your skin type is and what products you should get. 


I received the glowful collection that retails for $70. It includes :

  • Recharge Facial Cleanser 4 oz. – $16
  • Balance Toner 4 oz. – $14
  • Nourish Moisturizer 4 oz. – $15
  • Realignment Night Serum 4 oz. – $25

Packaging: Glass bottles with plastic pumps or sprays and the serum has a glass dropper. The bottles are recyclable and I can see them being reused. Being that they are glass, there is more caution on how you may travel with them. Also, be careful not to drop them. When I received the products, it was during the peak of COVID-19, so Be Transcendent Skin Care replaced the normal pumps with air-tight caps. 

How I use the products in the day and night:


  1. Recharge Facial Cleanser
  2. Balance Toner
  3. Nourish Moisturizer
  4. Sunscreen


  1. Recharge Facial Cleanser
  2. Balance Toner
  3. Realignment Night Serum
  4. Nourish Moisturizer

Recharge Facial Cleanser – comes in 3 types based on skin type. First step in the day and night routine. The cleanser is not on the thick side or creamy side – it is clear, thin, and watery-like consistency. The scent is very mild and highlights the natural ingredients. For the dry/normal skin cleanser, the ingredients are: Castile Soap, Organic Honey, Almond Oil and, Clary Sage oil. This cleanser sweeps away the makeup, dirt, and impurities, leaving your face clean without stripping your skin’s natural oils. A little goes a long way. 

Balance Toner – comes in 3 types based on skin type. Second step in the day and night routine. Toner is sprayed on, however, I press it into my skin, but can also be used on a cotton pad (whichever your preference is). Very mildly scented, and I actually enjoy the scent – it’s refreshing. Its goal is to balance your skin’s pH (skin’s pH should be about a 5.5). The reason why you want a balance in your skin’s pH is so that bacteria does have a place to thrive. My skin felt hydrated and refreshed when I applied this toner. Highlighted ingredients: Rose Water, Vitamin E, and Clary Sage oil.

Nourish Moisturizer – comes in 3 types based on skin type. Third step in the day and 4th step in the night routine. This moisturizer’s consistency may be very different to ones who are used to creamy or gel based moisturizers. The one for dry skin has a light oil-based consistency. Highlighted ingredients are: Almond Oil, Black Currant Oil, Clary Sage Oil and White Beeswax. My skin soaks up this moisturizer so well and my skin ends up glowing all day. I can say, this is one of the few moisturizers that has my skin feeling hydrated all day. 

Realignment Night Serum – comes in 3 types based on skin type. Third step in the night routine. Packed with antioxidants, this serum helps with cell turnover and when you wake up, your skin should feel smoother, more even, and glowing. The ingredients for the dry/normal skin one are Babassu, Almond Oil, Cypress Oil, and Willow Bark. The natural exfoliants in this can help with hyperpigmentation over time. I like that this serum is very light, and my skin feels lovely in the morning. 

In total, Be Transcendent Skin care is a lovely skin care line and it hits exactly what it aims for – glowing skin. If you want to check it out, here is the website.

Thanks for reading. Peace. 




MAJOR EDIT 2021: After reviewing and liking this products, it has come to my attention that many have placed their orders with this company and did not receive their products. I am unable to support the brand until this has been resolved. As of now, the brand has deleted their website and social media.

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