Laura Mercier *New Skin Care Review

Hi Beauties!

Today, I am reviewing the Laura Mercier skin care line! I have been testing this for a few weeks so that I can share a thorough review on the products. I was gifted the IMG_6226cleansing oil, nourishing oil, illuminating eye cream, multi-tasking moisturizing, and lip balm. My skin type is dry, so this is more focused on the dry skin type. Although this brand is on the higher end, it does have some products with splurging on. Watch the full review and demo here.

Laura Mercier – Conditioning Cleansing Oil | this light weight oil is perfect as a pre-cleanse and amazing for oil cleansing. Its scent is light and you’ll feel the hydration (especially if you’re dry) when you cleanse with it.

Laura Mercier – Nourishing Rose Oil | This light-weight, non-sticky oil really gives your skin a beautiful natural glow. You’ll feel the immediate hydration and is perfect for ones with the dryer skin type. This under makeup has my foundation applications look dewy – perfect for a natural “skin like” finish.

Laura Mercier – Illuminating Eye Cream | This is a moisturizing eye cream that has Green Coffee Seed Oil to plump under the eye and Violet Pearl for the illuminating effect. From using it, this eye cream will brighten under your eye; almost like a highlighting effect, however, I’m not a big fan of this eye cream. It doesn’t do enough for me and my skin concerns under my eye, which is usually dryness. It’s a luxe eye cream and feels nice and would be nice to apply before concealer, but not one of my favorites.

Laura Mercier – The Perfect Cream Multi-Tasking Moisturizer | This is also a lightweight moisturizer and leaves your skin pretty plump. Due to my skin concerns, I need a little bit more of moisture. I noticed when using this, my skin started to dry out a bit and I needed reapplication. This moisturizer does give your skin a nice glow and perfect for under makeup.

Laura Mercier – Hydrating Lip Balm | in my interpretation, this is an everyday lip balm, equivalent to a chapstick. It moisturized my lips right away, however, the moisture did not last long. I felt the need to reapply very quickly. I would say this product was my least favorites, but fine to keep in your bag for an everyday lip balm.

I think the two top favorites from this skin care line is the cleansing oil and nourishing oil. I will keep these two in my skin routine moving forward and see myself using these two products more than the others. Check out my tutorial for the demo and how these products work on my skin here. Thanks so much for reading!

Happy Sunday!



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