Refresh 2nd day curls – easy!

Okay, so I know I wasn’t the only one that experienced this in the past: 1st day of your wash and go, great definition, curls looking great, maybe needing some volume. Then, you wake up the next morning, and your hair is just not giving you “life” like it did fresh from the new wash and go. You may have some frizziness, flattened curls from sleeping, tangles, and a bit of madness. So what do you do? Go re-wash your hair and restyle again? Nope, let me stop you right there! I used to do this, and realized, it was very unnecessary and a waste of product!

So what do you do? Refresh and revive those curls! This way you can rock a wash and go for a week and it still look great! I actually prefer the 2nd and 3rd day after initial styling because I get more volume and shape.

For example, day 1 after a wash and go, you get the most definition, and your curls are literally popping. However, for me, I get the most definition, but my hair is usually still wet, and the volume is lost. Day 2 and 3, my hair increases with volume, however, it may look disheveled, but, with a simple refresh, the frizz decreases, the volume is still there, and my curls look defined and well-styled. I was actually able to rock 1 wash and go for a whole week with just refreshing in between. Here’s the video of my wash and go and review on the products I used from Camille Rose Naturals.

Pros of refreshing your curls:

  • Using less products. Wash and go’s can take a hefty amount of products. Refreshing your curls helps so you can get the most out of a wash and go.
  • Rock a wash and go longer. No need to do a wash and go every two days!
  • Curls look great almost every day!

How I refresh my wash and go. Full tutorial here.

How to Refresh Curls

  • Spray water. Not too much where your hair is soaking wet. Just enough to dampen your hair. This brings back some needed moisture.
  • Detangle while you spray the water. Separating where there are tangles can help.
  • Apply product. This can be a light leave in conditioner, a spray bottle with water and conditioner, or even a 2nd day curl refresher product (I’ve used Curls Lavish Curls Daily Moisturizer). Today, I use Camille Rose Naturals Coconut Water Elixir and seal the moisture in with the Camille Rose Naturals Nangai & Tsubaki Strength Restore Hair Oil.
  • Be mindful and careful using a butter or any product that’s too heavy on the hair. It can be weighing and you’ll realize you need to wash your hair within the 2nd/3rd day.

And just like that, easy! Check out my video and you be the judge. Do you refreshen your curls? Why or why not?

Thanks for reading. Peace.

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