Rebranding: Hi, I’m Sarah Mae

Hi Loves!

It’s Sarah Mae – Yes, ItsSarahMae! Most of you know me as MakeupbySarahMae, but I said, 2018, I’m going to switch it up. The reason for the new brand name is that MakeupbySarahMae just seems to exclusively portray that I only do makeup, when in reality, I do much more! I create content, I love exploring new places, traveling (when I even have the chance lol), eating – yup, lots of eating haha, positivity, shopping, home decor, meditating, and more lifestyle things. I have so many other things to share too!

MakeupbySarahMae will still exist and move over to my makeup services and portfolio. I still will be freelancing, of course! So here’s to a start of a new chapter,ItsSarahMae, a new house name where I will share a little bit of everything and including beauty and hair tutorials like I always have.

I hope that you all enjoy my new content. Stay tuned!

xoxo, Sarah Mae.

Instagram: ItsSarahMae Instagram

YouTube: ItsSarahMae YouTube

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